Best Baseball Pitchback and Rebounders

Finding the best baseball pitchback (rebounder) means finding an extremely effective training aid which develops agility, throwing ability, coordination, catching ability and fielding fundamentals for both baseball and softball. A perfect piece of equipment to introduce baseball practice to any backyard.

However, buy the wrong baseball pitchback and chances are you will regret it immensely.

There are a large number of baseball rebounders on the market, all providing different characteristics that make them all seem tempting. The issue that arises is the strength and durability of the net. Similar to looking for the best baseball practice net, buying a cheap baseball pitchback could lead to a net wearing and tearing within months.

In this guide, we look for the best baseball pitchback in terms of affordability and durability. We all want something that lasts and something that is bang for your buck.

Baseball Pitchback/Rebounder

Commonly, parents ask – what’s the point?

Baseball rebounders have been around for years, consistently getting better in terms of durability and price point. But most of all, its frequent use and popularity among professional coaches shows its worth. Extremely useful for people of all ages and experiences.

Practice truely does make perfect. And no one wants to drop that fly ball in your first game.

If you are new to rebounders and don’t know which one to pick – we break down the best baseball rebounders on the market – and give our honest opinion and recommendation.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 
Rukket Baseball/Softball Rebounder

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick - an asbolutely enormous surface area
  • Highly versatile and extremely durable
  • Use all round the year for all kinds of sports
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Champion Sports PitchBack

4.5 Stars
  • Extremely durable and versatile
  • Cheaper alternative to the Rukket
  • Easily adjustable to control rebounding angles
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Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen

4.25 Stars
  • Unconventional design and extremely versatile
  • Cannot be adjusted, but every angle you could possibly want is already there
  • Portability a slight issue due to weight
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Franklin Sports Infinite Angle Return Trainer

4 Stars
  • On a shoestring budget? Then this is an excellent option
  • Net folds over and held down with bungee cords
  • Only one flat screen which can be adjusted
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SKLZ Youth Baseball Pitchback

3.5 Stars
  • The cheapest pitchback with moderate durability
  • Steel frame and weatherproof net so it will last for a few seasons
  • More suited to youths aged 4-8
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So what is the Best Baseball Pitchback?

Rukket Baseball/Softball Rebounder – Our Top Pick


Rukket Sports are one of the oldest manufacturers of sports training aids, and in this case, they bring what we think is the best option for baseball/softball rebounders.

Highly durable, and a huge surface area to use – you get what you pay for here.

Alongside the 8 angles it can be adjusted to to practice different types of rebound options (fly ball, ground balls, line drives etc.), the net is small enough to allow it to be used as a rebounder for other ball sports such as tennis, lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball.

This is one extremely versatile net. Great for the all-round athlete and great to be used all round the year.

At this price point, you’re simply getting the best rebounder for baseball and softball with the Rukket Baseball/Softball rebounder. Still unsure? Check out their Amazon page for hundreds of reviews, as well as Rukket contact information to get in touch.


  • Lifetime warranty and lifetime replaceable parts
  • An extremely durable 1.25″ powder coated frame that is made to withstand the outdoor elements
  • 20 square foot net is also made to be resilient and weather-resistant – huge surface area
  • Assembly is also extremely straightforward – all the tools are right there in the box
  • Creates a firm grip to the ground. It simply does not shift
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Champion Sports PitchBack


Another heavy duty, versatile pitchback comes from the makers at Champion Sports – Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Pitchback Screen.

Champion’s net is made from an extremely durable, multi-sport net which allows all different types of balls to be rebounded against it. Versatility is its main selling point.

Durability is further extended into the frame – made from a 1.25″ powder coated frame – again, similar to the Rukket model.

Why is this on our list of best baseball pitchbacks? For athletes who play multiple sports during the different seasons, this works perfectly as a multi-sport rebounder. Multiple angles make this a great option for anyone serious about training.

If you still think this is out of your price range, continue down the guide as we introduce cheaper baseball pitchback options. If you’re contemplating this pitchback, check out their Amazon page. It’s simply one of the best selling baseball pitchbacks out on the market – you can be assured of quality.

This is a much better option for people who may not have the budget for the Rukket.


  • Comes with in-ground stakes to improve overall stability
  • Y-Frame can be adjusted, allowing for different forms of catches – as well as easy storage in height constrained areas
  • Easy to assemble – the parts fit perfectly
  • Square target can improve throwing accuracy
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Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen


Now this is a pitchback screen that is incredibly unconventional and unique in its design. As you can see my the image, the Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen cannot be adjusted – however, frequent adjustment can get annoying.

This design is as it says on the box – giving you infinite angles to throw at, causing unpredictability and random behaviour which greatly improves reaction time.

Durability? This baseball pitchback screen is made from a powder coated 1.25″ steel tube frame, like the other ones on this list. Although portability might be an issue due to it feeling a lot heavier than the other pitchback screens on the market – this one is guaranteed to last.

Sick of conventional pitchbacks? Then this is definitely the best baseball pitchback on this list for you. Although it’s not our top pick, it’s extremely hassle free and a great training aid.


  • Huge screen. 72 x 42 inch – great for all heights and ages.
  • No adjustment needed due to it’s design
  • Strike zone outlined so you can practice your throws at a target
  • Also works for softball/lacross/tennis
  • Stakes included – should be used if balls are thrown hard at it. The last thing you need is an unstable baseball rebounder.
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Franklin Sports Infinite Angle Return Trainer


Again, slightly different to conventional rebounders, the Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Infinite Angle Return Trainer serves as a fantastic pitchback option for baseball. Yes, it’s only one flat screen – but as you would guess, it is adjustable to allow for practicing different throw angles and catches.

This particular pitchback is made from a heavy-duty tubular steel frame, with a baked enamel finish which allows it to withstand all forms of weather. The net simply slips over this frame, loops into place with bungee cords and away you go.

An extremely sturdy product, if anything was to break, Franklin have replacement parts on their website.

A cheaper option, especially if tight on a budget. In saying that, it’s adjustable, durable, and portable. Brilliant value for money – and made by Franklin, so you can be assured that it’s made to last.


  • Strike zone on the net to practice throws with a target – the ribbon does fade quickly in the sun however
  • Heavy duty net made with a 30 play all weather net
  • Needs to be adjusted to different angles to maximise practice
  • Folds flat for exceptionally easy storage
  • When the wingnuts are tightened properly, the net can be used for lacrosse too
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SKLZ Youth Baseball Pitchback

SKLZ Pitchback

This is the last one on our list, the cheapest one – and probably the least durable of the lot. Yes SKLZ are an extremely reputable brand that make quality sporting gear. However, the SKLZ Youth Baseball and Softball Pitchback Rebound Net is a bit of a miss.

Then why is it one of the most purchased rebounders on Amazon? Well for it’s price point, it really is great value for youth players. Yes, it’s made with a steel frame and weather resistant net – so it’s not like it’ll fall apart after one day.

What it can’t handle is high speed throws. It’s not the sturdiest net out there. So why it on our list of best baseball pitchbacks? For youths, it is perfect. Between ages of 4-8, this rebounder is all you need. A definite recommendation for people with an extremely tight budget, and want a rebounder net for their kids.


  • Strike zone for target practice
  • Comes with 4 stakes so you can ensure that the net doesn’t topple over
  • Builds up in approximately 15-30 minutes
  • Returns balls at a variety of angles for maximum practicality
  • 21 ply net – so you know it’s not going to fall apart quickly
  • For it’s price, it’s great. Don’t expect it to hold up if you’re over 8 years old throwing fast balls at it.
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Final Words

These are our tips for best baseball pitchback that are on the market at the moment. Whilst all of the above are brilliant for specific reasons, we can’t go past the Rukket in terms of durability, portability and training potential.

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