Best Batting Gloves

Finding the best batting gloves are one of the most important aspects in creating a bond between your hands and the handle of a basketball bat. Simply, it should not be overlooked. Treat a batting glove like an extension of your hands, providing a cool, grippy feel that allows better control integral to a solid baseball swing. Owning a pair of well-fitted hitting gloves will feel fantastic when stepping up to the plate.

best batting gloves

This guide searches for the best batting gloves there are on the market – whilst also providing some tips on what the best cheap batting gloves are. We finish up by providing some tips as to what to look out for. No one wants to waste money on something that won’t fit, or falls apart after one baseball game!

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingQuick Notes 
CFX ProFranklin CFX Pro

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick - Should be a serious buying consideration
  • Reasonable price range
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Franklin Neo Classic SeriesFranklin Sports Neo Classic II

5 Stars
  • Extremely hard to differentiate to the CFX - mainly just style
  • Reasonable price range
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Nike MVP EdgeNike MVP Edge

4.5 Stars
  • Nike's lower priced glove, isn't the most durable
  • Suited to intermediate and beginner levelled players
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Nike MVP EliteNike MVP Elite

4.75 Stars
  • Nike's premier glove - one of the best
  • A high price, a great option for people with no budgets
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UA Clean Up VIUnder Armour Clean-Up VI

4.75 Stars
  • Our 'Thick Glove' Recommendation
  • Very reasonable price point
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UA Yard UndeniableUnder Armour UA Yard Undeniable

5 Stars
  • Supreme glove made with Pittard's cabretta leather
  • Higher price point for not for people with budgets
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Pro Series 5Louisville Slugger Series 5

4.5 Stars
  • Our Top Bargain Pick
  • Durable and reliable - perfect for people on tight budgets
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Advanced DesignLouisville Slugger Advanced Design

4.5 Stars
  • Well ventilated with a Cabretta leather backing
  • Premium quality at a premium price
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Easton HS7Easton HS7

4.5 Stars
  • Highly popular glove by a popular brand
  • Extremely affordable, a great starting glove
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EvoShield ProstyleEvoShield Prostyle

4.5 Stars
  • EvoShield make some of the most quality gloves in the market
  • One of the most expensive gloves
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DeMarini Digi Camo

4 Stars
  • One of Amazon's top selling batting gloves
  • Again, super affordable for what it is
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Here is comparison table providing a brief introduction into what the most popular batting gloves for adult playing softball or baseball. Please take note of what we consider to be our top picks here.

It’s also important to note that there are so many companies that create some of the best batting gloves in the market. We can safely say that Nike and Franklin are the big boys in the current market, with Under Armour slowly gaining market share. In saying this, all the products on this list are quality – they all just have their little quirks and properties that allows us to differentiate them!

Size Guide

XSUnder 6 ¾”6 ¼” – 6 ½”N/A
S6 ¾” – 7″6 ½” – 6 ¾”6″ – 6 ¼”
M7″ – 7 ¼”6 ¾” – 7″6 ¼” – 6 ½”
L7 ½” – 7 ¾”7  ¼” – 7½”6 ½” – 6 ¾”
XL7 ¾” – 8″7 ½” – 7 ¾”6 ¾” – 7″
XXL8″ – 8 ¼”7 ¾” – 8″N/A

batting glove size guideIf you’re not sure what size you are from previous experience,
then following this size guide is probably the closest thing you’ll have to work with. Make sure that the gloves aren’t super tight – this can cause less blood flow to the hands and a massive performance drop.

When measuring, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure your hand as the image shows. In the even that your hand is right in between two sizes, then it is definitely better to go with the smaller size. The last thing you want is a batting glove that is too big (decreases grip and can slip off!). Also remember that the material won’t stay super snug forever – it will loosen over time.

The Best Batting Gloves

When looking for the best batting gloves for baseball or softball, it’s important to remember that some of the cheap batting gloves (even when made by extremely reputable brands) are typically made from poor material with less than average stitching. As soon as the areas where the batting glove makes contact with the bat falls apart, then you will need to purchase a new pair of gloves.

It’s also very important to keep in mind that cheaper gloves are typically thicker. Thicker gloves are typically annoying in that it increases the amount of sweat and heat that your hands generate. Excess sweat also means that your batting gloves won’t dry out efficiently, causing the material to degrade faster over time. In order to have the coolest batting gloves, always aim to pay for a higher quality glove.

We have ordered the following gloves based on their brand.


In terms of popularity – Franklin are clear winners. And for a right reason. There are some absolute gems hidden within the Franklin range that shows that they truely are capable of creating the best batting gloves in the market.

Made from soft leather, breathable, as well as an expected fit that is nice and snug, Franklin know how to create a batting glove that ticks all the boxes. And the real kicker is they’re typically cheaper than their counterparts.

Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves – Our Top PickCFX Pro

In terms of Franklin Batting Gloves, these are probably the best you’ll find that they can offer. Made with a sheepskin leather, it’s soft to the touch, but provides an authentic grip to ensure fantastic connection with the baseball bat. And it’s extremely durable.

Similarly, it’s extremely flexible due to it’s floating thumb technology and Neoprene bridge. This, and it’s extremely reasonable price range, are exactly the reasons why it’s one of the highest selling gloves in the current market, and why we think this is the best batting glove that Franklin has to offer.

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Franklin Sports Neo Classic II Batting Gloves

Franklin Neo Classic Series

Another fantastic option by Franklin, and also one of the highest selling batting gloves on Amazon, the Neo Classic has evolved the Pro Classic series that Franklin previously had. Again, it’s made with a sheepskin leather and has all the right creases so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when gripping the bat.

Also has the floating thumb technology and patented TRI-CURVE so you can be assured that this glove fits and feels fantastic. With a breathable ventilated back on the glove as well, it’s extremely hard to differentiate this from the CFX Pro. Check them both out and see what styles you like – both almost inseparable.

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Nike are probably the main trend setting brand, and an extremely popular batting glove for players of all levels. Thankfully, they live up to their brand hype.

Overall, Nike tend to use an extremely thin leather to ensure that breathability and overall coolness of the glove isn’t compromised by being extremely durable. They’re lightweight and when worn, they are extremely secure to fit due to the velcro fastener at the bottom of the glove. They also bend in all the right areas so there’s no uncomfortable bits of tightness.

A full range of color, styles and sizes, it allows for players to show off a little big of their flair as they step up to the plate. Although they don’t have a whole heap in their catalogue, their two big stand outs are listed below.

Nike MVP Edge Batting GloveNike MVP Edge

This is Nike’s entry level glove, at a reasonably priced level and also comes in youth sizes. Fantastically constructed, they carry a goat skin palm and have polyester material on the back of it. Has a stretch mesh that gives a reasonable amount of flexibility whilst also gives a great amount of breathability. A one piece contoured design.

It fits on as expected – nice and tight due to it’s Velcro wrist. However, overall durability isn’t it’s strongest point – and will probably only last 2 or 3 seasons. That said, it’s a great glove for beginner and intermediate level players. An affordable glove made by a top drawer brand.

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Nike MVP Elite Batting GloveNike MVP Elite

This is a major step up from the Nike MVP Edge, and makes a serious call at being quite possibly the best batting gloves for baseball and softball on the market. In saying that, greater quality obviously means a higher price range – especially when dealing with Nike!

The textured sheepskin provides fantastic grip that lasts for ages, but also a soft feel to ensure that the bat feels naturally in the hands. Extremely durable to say the least, and are sure to last for at least a few seasons.

Like the MVP Edge, this fits as expected, and can be slightly adjusted due to the Velcro wrist band. In our opinion, this is the best batting glove that Nike makes – the only downside is it’s higher-than-average price.

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Under Armour

A newer addition the the batting glove scene, UA have made some serious strides to become an all in one brand providing equipment for all different sports. With regards to batting gloves, UA tend to be just a little bit thicker and lack the breathability that others offer. In saying that, if you love shock absorbent gloves and extra protection when holding a bat, then UA gloves provide for what you need.

A huge difference between UA and other brands is also the durability material used. UA tend to use goatskin (compared to sheep and calfskin that other brands use). Goatskin usually starts a little bit tighter on the hand, but will feel much more comfortable when contoured over a few training sessions. They make some of the top batting gloves out there in terms of durability and performance.

Under Armour Clean-Up VI Batting GlovesUA Clean Up VI

Like we mentioned, the Clean-Up VI is made with a goatskin leather that is extremely durable and sturdy (requiring some time to break into). However, this is one of the very few gloves that have synthetic overlays. These overlays add support and structure without losing any of the flexibility required to bat at the highest level.

UA have also implemented a ‘HeatGear’ material at the back of the glove to ensure fast drying of sweat, whilst adding an extra sense of stretchiness. Alonside the palm side finger perforations providing extra ventilation for the player, this seriously is one of the coolest batting glove at such a thick size. Whilst UA are not our overall top pick, it’s an excellent addition to this best batting glove list, and provides an excellent, affordable alternative for someone who wants a glove that last for years.

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Under Armour UA Yard Undeniable Batting Gloves 

UA Yard UndeniablePretty much this batting glove offers everything that the Clean-Up VI does – made with synthetic overlays to provide extra protection and strength against finger twisting, and HeatGear to allow sweat to dry quickly. Not a whole lot different but for it’s style.

The only real difference is that Pittard’s cabretta leather provides an extreme amount of softness with an extra wrap around to provide the most amount of softness possible. This glove is extremely grippy – but at a higher price range! One of the top batting gloves for anyone with a bigger budget.

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Louisville Slugger

This is a brand that makes fantastic baseball gear – starting from baseball bats, right up to pitching machines, Louisville Slugger mean business. Again, their gloves are similar to UA in terms of thickness. This is due to the extra leather that each glove is made with, but in saying that, it still remains extremely well ventilated.

Often as your level of performance gets better, you’ll start demanding only the best materials. This can include things such as Cabretta leather, or higher quality composite leathers.

Yes. Louisville can provide.

Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting GlovesPro Series 5

If you’re on a tight budget, then these batting gloves are a fantastic option. They don’t feature anything spectacular in terms of what material they’re made of, but they provide all the essentials you’ll need. And made with an extremely durable goatskin!

These gloves are typically designed for amateur and youth leagues – and will last for ages. Will take some time to mould to your hands, but this particular glove is very stretchable in the right areas. Whilst not the best batting glove on this list, it’s extremely reputable due to it’s low price range.

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Louisville Slugger Advanced Design Batting Gloves

Advanced DesignSo this is a glove with the high end materials – and naturally a higher price. These bad boys are made with a premium sheepskin with leather palm so you know you’re going to get a highly comfortable and durable glove with increased amounts of grip. The real kicker is the perforated Cabretta leather back on these gloves as well. High quality, and well ventilated. A batter’s dream

These gloves also fit extremely well due to the lycra stretch zones located around the glove. Similarly, there is a neoprene wrist strap so you know this glove will fit nice a snug. If you want to splurge, this is a fantastic batting glove for baseball to own

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Easton, Evoshield & DeMarini

Okay so we know you’ve probably got to this stage in the article and thought, “God, there’s so many options.” Well unfortunately there’s hundreds of batting gloves in the market that you could consider to be the best in either baseball of soft ball.

We really don’t want to bore you.

This final part of the reviews will focus on the best batting gloves made by Evoshield, Easton, and DeMarini – all extremely reputable and popular brands. These brands offer something slightly different to the aforementioned brands. Here are the remaining options you should seriously consider when looking at buying a pair of top batting gloves.

Easton HS7 Batting GlovesEaston HS7

What we consider to be the premier Easton batting gloves are the HS7s – made with a premium sheepskin that offers fantastic grip and comfort that seriously lasts. What really makes this glove stand out is that every knuckle has a Zonal flex allowing freedom for movement, and every join has a 4 way stretch mesh. These babies fit snug.

Easton are also a highly regarded brand especially when it comes to baseball. If you’ve used them before, you know you’re going to get quality. Whilst not the best batting glove on this list, it’s an extremely affordable, quality batting glove to take into consideration.

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EvoShield Prostyle Batting Gloves EvoShield Prostyle

Heaps of great reviews, the EvoShield are serious contenders for best batting gloves for baseball or softball. Palm is constructed with a premium grade Pittard’s leather so you know it’s definitely quality material. And the back of the hand is made with a Power Stretch fabric – providing mobility and ventilation right where you need it.

These gloves also shape and conform to your hands amazingly, a tight fit that provides excellent grip. If it wasn’t for it’s high price tag, we genuinely feel this glove would be sold a lot more than it already does. A brilliant option.

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DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

The last on our list, and we have to mention it purely because of how many of these gloves that are sold. If you want cheap batting gloves, then this will tick that box. If provides awesome grip, as well as flexibility right where you need it. Designed in a classic fit to fit snug on your hands without having to worry about any chafing!

Like we said, if you’re on a budget, then you can’t go past this glove. But if you play at a higher than beginner/intermediate level, then this glove will not last long at all, nor provide the requisite protection.

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Why do I need Batting Gloves?

If you’re a hitter and haven’t thought about buying a good pair of batting gloves, then we’re here to tell you why it’s essential. First, batting gloves provide hitters with a much more secure and consistent grip on the bat. How can you get better if your grip changes every time you step up to the plate (whilst it sounds stupid, the amount of sweat on your hand is a huge factor as to how much grip you have!)

In addition to this, batting gloves reduce the shock of hitting a baseball or softball when it meets the bat. If you’ve played before, then you’re sure to know what that vibration feels like. Get a pair of batting gloves, stop that vibration, and protect yourself from stratches and cuts when sliding to your bases.

If you’ve never played before, then your hands are fresh. Your hands will probably see a lot of skin tear off due to a lack of calluses that you have. If you want to keep training, then the best way to minimise this natural wear and tear of your hand is by… yep, buying a pair of batting gloves.

Final Tips

Every player needs to have the best batting gloves suited to their hands, with the right fit. This means that spending time to look at all the available options is an important step in the shopping scene. Buy a cheap glove, and don’t expect it to last more than a season or two. Stitching can become loose very quickly. This means that it won’t feel as snug for very long!

In saying this, finding the best batting gloves is something that is worth the time and effort. We know that there is a serious amount of options out there. However, in order to find the top of the range, research is key. Check out reviews on Amazon. Ask your peers or your coach. Anything can help! But if you’ve had a great experience with a set of batting gloves before, whether it be baseball or softball – then why change brands?

None of these considered the best batting gloves to you?

If we have missed a pair of gloves that you consider to be extremely affordable, value for money, and satisfies everything in order to the the coolest and best batting gloves out there, then let us know here. We’re always on the hunt for personal reviews and opinions!

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