Best Batting Tee for Baseball/Softball

If you’re looking for the best batting tee available on the market for baseball and softball practice, the following guide will help you decide what the perfect tee is for you.

For such a simple piece of equipment, most people think that there isn’t much variation between all the batting tees on the market.


Batting tees all have their own characteristics. And most of all, if you end up buying one without doing your research, there’s a high chance you’ll end up buying one that will chip and damage your bat.

Any of the batting tees that pop-back are also typically annoying and flimsy over being functional. Anything made of cheap rubber will break extremely quickly – and no one likes wasting money on junk. So with this in mind, we look to what the best batting tee on the market is.

If you need a tee, chances are you’ll need to find a suitable baseball net, grab yourself some of the best batting gloves, as well requiring the obvious baseball bat.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 
Tanner Tee

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick - one of the most used tee in the US
  • Hand rolled rubber 'FlexTop' makes it feel like the tee isn't even there
  • Extremely stable and durable at a fantastic price
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New JUGS T Hitting Tee

5 Stars
  • Extremely tough and extremely portable - simply one of the best
  • Extremely stable and never tips over
  • Affordable price point
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PowerNet Portable Travel Batting Tee

4.5 Stars
  • One of the most portable tee on this list - folds to fit in most sports bags
  • Endorsed by a whole heap of professional baseball players
  • Heavy duty tee top and an extremely durable tee
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SKLZ Travel Batting Tee DLX

4 Stars
  • Another portable option that folds into a sports bag
  • Not as durable as the others on this list, but extremely lightweight
  • Dual wrapped tee top
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MacGregor Batting Tee

3.5 Stars
  • Extremely basic - a definite entry level batting tee
  • Highly durable and weatherproof due to it's rubber material
  • Not really portable, but extremely stable - perfect if you're on a shoestring budget
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Best Batting Tee – Our recommendations

Tanner Tee – Our Top Pick

Tanner Tee

The Tanner Tee is by far the most used pro style batting tee used in college and professional baseball and softball. Tanner Tee have consistently been market leaders for batting tees for over 25 years, and that’s mainly due to the overall durability it has. One of these tees will literally last you years, if not decades.

The Tanner Tee comes in two parts, an adjustable pole that moves from 26″ – 43″ that sits on a 9 x 9 inch weather resistant base. The hand rolled rubber ‘FlexTop’ is also designed so that you only feel the ball when making contact – it’s like the tee isn’t even there. This FlexTop is  also patented by Tanner – so you won’t get anything like this with any other brand.

This batting tee is lightweight, extremely stable, unscrews from the base, and has a telescopic shaft which means that transporting the tee around is extremely easy. It’ll fit in most bags (provided it can fit a 9″ x 9″ base).

Consistently an Amazon Top Seller, if for any reason you do have issues with the batting tee, let Tanner Tees know ASAP. They are extremely prompt with customer enquiries. Comes with a 1 year product warranty guarantee.

This is our top pick for best batting tee for both baseball and softball – a must have.

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New JUGS T Hitting Tee

Jugs Tee

Although not our top pick, the New JUGS T Hitting Tee is extremely similar to the Tanner Tee – thus making it a strong claim to being the best batting tee. It’s an extremely tough and portable tee – breaking down into two pieces for easy transport and storage.

The first thing that Jugs pride upon is that they continually state that this batting tee will not tip over. No outside weight is needed. And we have to be honest, even at the highest extension, it just doesn’t seem to ever tip. It literally performs as it says on the box.

The shaft extends from 23″ to 46″, and needs to be screwed into a 14″ x 11″ steel base plate. Rubber covered edges on the base plate ensures it won’t scratch gym floors – it really is attention to the finer details that makes this stand out. Similarly, tee is a telescoping stem, so it’s fantastic for both high and low tee drills.

Comes with a 1 year guarantee. For a pro-style tee, this really does come at an affordable price. Truly an excellent, sturdy option that is sure to last for years on end.

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PowerNet Portable Travel Batting Tee


PowerNet have really released an efficient little tripod style tee that is by far the most portable and easily transportable on this list. Whilst it may not be the most durable, you really do get value for money with this tee.

First of all, it’s extremely light – and folds up to fit in most sporting equipment bag (one of the two on this list that doesn’t need to detach from the base).The tee top is single wrapped with a highly flexible material that gives way to batting impact – a much better alternative to any plastic tee tops that you may be considering.

Like all other of the batting tees on this list, the PowerNet can be extended from 27″ right up to 46″. This allows for a range of swing practice and strike zones.

PowerNet claim it’s used and endorsed by a number of professional players. This is irrelevant to our judgement. What we will say is that if you’re after a durable batting tee that needs to be extremely portable, do not look any further than this.

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SKLZ Travel Batting Tee DLX


The SKLZ Travel Batting Tee DLX is another batting tee on our list that prides itself on portability – ensuring that it folds right up so it can be transported extremely easily. It’s perfect for away matches, or transporting to different batting cages if you don’t have one easily accessible.

As it’s SKLZ, you know you’re receiving the highest quality.Similar to the PowerNet, it’s extremely light, and fits into most bat bags. The tee features a dual wrapped tee top, and fits virtually any softball, baseball or training ball out there.

Like all other of the batting tees on this list, the SKLZ is adjustable. This ranges from 28″ right up to 46″. Again, you’re able to practice a vast range of swings and strike zones. Practicality meets portability.

Made with a tripod-base, it is an extremely stable and durable batting tee that shrinks to help portability. Although in our opinion it’s not as good as the PowerNet, if for any reason you do not like an aspect of the PowerNet – the SKLZ is your next best option and beats all other batting tees focusing on portability.

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MacGregor Batting Tee


The final tee in our hunt finding the best batting tee brings us to the extremely affordable, Amazon-recommended MacGregor batting tee. Quite literally, it’s one of the most affordable batting tees in the market, and one of the most purchased on Amazon.

Over 1,000 reviews with an extremely high rating – it’s definitely backed by consumers.

So why do people consider it the best batting tee? Mainly it’s due to its price point. The batting tee is made with a solid metal base for weight and stability, with a plastic and rubber shaft that holds the ball.

Yes it’s an extremely durable, weather proof batting tee – but it genuinely is an entry level piece of equipment. If you’re serious about batting practice, and don’t want to chip or damage your bat, don’t take the risk with this one.

However, if you’re just getting started, want something cheap to get you going, or want something that’s guaranteed to last for years – this is the tee for you.

The range on the tee is between 20″ and 36″ – great for all ages and practicing striking positions. The tee can also be disassembled for easy transport.

For a bargain option, this basic MacGregor tee is work every cent. Don’t expect the world with it, but it’s a more than capable tee for beginners and for basic batting training. Will last for years.

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Final Thoughts

These are our opinions on what the best batting tee on the market is. We look to a vast range of reviews and feedback in order to come up with the best products possible. If for any reason you have had bad experiences with any of these products, let us know. Customer testimonials is what we’re after!

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