Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets: Review of the Top 5

Just starting out as a catcher in baseball? Finding the best youth catchers gear is seriously one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. The catcher is one of the hardest position for anyone to play. On top of having to catch the baseball, you’re in the zone of errant throws, foul tips, and even exaggerated slides into the home plate. Flying bats, although rare, are also flying obstacles to watch out for.

This means that a catcher needs the highest quality catching set available.

best youth catchers gear

Making sure that the catcher feels comfortable and safe is integral. People tend to dismiss the position, but in actual fact, it involves the vast majority of leadership skills – acting as a second manager through the control of plays and positions.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingQuick Notes 
Easton Black Magic Catcher SetEaston
Youth Black Magic Set

4.5 Stars
  • Affordable and effective - Amazon's highest selling youth catcher set
  • Not the most protection available, but the best option for beginners
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louisville series 5Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Set

4.25 Stars
  • Another affordable set with everything you need
  • Good protection, but hard to adjust
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Under Armour Victory's CatcherUnder Armour Youth Victory Set

4 Stars
  • Much more durable option to the previous two
  • High level of protection and easily adjusted according to catcher's preference
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Mizuno Youth SamuraiMizuno
Samurai Youth Set

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick
  • Higher price range,
    but stunning quality and maximum protection
  • Takes some time getting used to putting it on and taking it off between innings
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All-Star System 7 Youth Set

4 Stars
  • In terms of protection, fit and quality, this is by far the best
  • A serious investment, it would seem unfair to say it provided the best dollar for dollar value
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What To Consider?

If you really don’t want to pay the money to get yourself a brand new set of catchers gear for your little one, check to see if your local team has a set or not. It’s more common than not that there’s already a set there ready to be used.

In saying that, if there’s nothing at your team, and your child is serious about playing catcher, then finding the best youth catchers gear is absolutely essential. Usually you can get about 3-4 years out of them before they grow out of it. It’s a fantastic way to assert true passion within your budding catcher.


So then comes the natural questions in finding the best possible options for affordability and quality.

Fit and Comfort – A poor fitting catchers protective gear is a nightmare. In between innings, catchers are required to put on and take off their gear as fast as they can. Imagine a set of equipment that doesn’t fit well?

Similarly, as the catcher is putting their body in arguably the most dangerous position on the pitch, they need to be confident that their equipment fits nice and snug to perform at their best. Gear that’s way too big, or something that’s just too tight will ruin any catcher’s confidence – especially if they’re just starting out!

Durability – You’re paying good money for the best youth catchers gear, you want something that lasts. Ensuring that the gear you’re getting is a reputable brand with emphasis on durability is a must.

High durability means a youth catchers gear should last until they grow out of them.  It should be able to protect, whilst being durable against errant throws and foul tips. As we’ve only reviewed the best possible products, all the sets here are extremely durable and should last a few years at the least.

Price – With anything else you buy, price is a big factor. Whilst you can’t really put a price on safety, we understand that kids have phases of excitement – and baseball is no different. No one wants to spend hundreds for their child to end up changing their mind about a sport. We note the importance in price in our reviews, but ultimately it’s up to you what you want to spend.

Finding the Best Youth Catchers Gear

Keeping these pointers in mind, we run through what we consider to be the best youth catchers gear sets. We note that price, quality, and brand reputation are our major factors in these reviews.

However, it’s pretty much impossible for us to pick a set that will be absolutely perfect to your situation. These are just our thoughts as to what we think ticks the right boxes.

Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Set

Easton Black Magic Catcher Set

This is one of Amazon’s highest selling youth catcher sets, and probably the most widely used catching set used in the Little Leagues. And there’s no surprise as to why. For something that’s made by Easton, it’s the most affordable set on this list. Suited to ages 9-12, but also comes made for ages 6-8.

The Easton Black Magic comes with a hockey style helmet with a soft vinyl chin protector, which might not be to everyone’s preference – but will provide maximum protection as needed. Made with an ABS material, and steel cage.

Double adjustment mechanism on the back of the chest pad, with velcro strapping to hold it in place. Metal clips for the leg pads.

The only real issue is that a small amount of people have mentioned is that the straps can slide out of the D-rings easily. Making a small stitching can fix this – but only if you find the same issues occur to you.

If you don’t want to spend much, don’t mind not having the most elite of products, then this is far and away the best pick for you

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Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catcher Set

louisville series 5

Fantastically cheap catchers suit made by the renown Louisville Slugger, it’s hard to look past this when looking for the best youth catchers gear set at an affordable price. Priced around the same price as the Easton Black Magic, it provides good protection for any youth player beginning their trade as a catcher.

Suited for ages 9-12 and comes in a huge range of colours. Also available in intermediate for ages 12-15.

The only downside to this kit is that it is a little bit harder to adjust it to best suit the unique features of a catcher. The adjustable range is also slightly restricted.

However, in saying that, this basic kit has exactly what you need. Double knee guards for good fit and mobility. A high-density foam lining chest plate for maximum protection. Over-the-shoulder chest harness for less restrictions for movement. An approved catchers helmet.

We probably recommend the Easton Black Magic above this. But if you’re on a budget, just starting out, and don’t particularly like Easton? This is a fantastic option.

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Under Armour Youth Victory Catcher Set

Under Armour Victory's Catcher

Under Armour’s Victory Catcher’s set is a fantastic bundle for youth players, at a slightly higher price than most other sets. Suited for ages 9-12.

Like all good catcher’s sets, the chest protector has foam inserts and adjustable shoulder pads for proper upper body protection. Instead of velcro, the Victory Catcher’s set uses metal clips for the chest pad, which may not be to everyone’s liking. It is, however, much more durable over the years.

When it comes to the throat, sternum and shoulder, it is ultimately up to the catcher as to whether they want to put the foam insert in there or not. Like all quality catchers gear, uses metal clips for the leg guards.

The helmet is made with the all protective ABS shell and I-BAR vision mask. You can be assured of protection here. Lightweight, durable and easy to put on and take off, it’s a definite contender for someone wanting the best youth catchers gear.

Quality product at a price that isn’t way out of the ball park.

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Mizuno Youth Samurai Catchers Gear Set

Mizuno Youth Samurai

Okay so the Mizuno Samurai Catchers set is a pricier option when compared to other market options. However, this kit is absolute quality. Suited for ages 9-12, but people have said that it runs a little bit bigger.

First, the youth catchers gear has a whole heap of detachable parts, and adjustable straps so it provides the snuggest fit for a budding catcher. This includes detachable knee pads, adjustable jaw guard, detachable shoulder pads, as well as clips on the side of the chest plate.

The big kicker is that the design and material of the chest guard absolutely kills the rebound of the ball. With the awesome protection that the chest plate provides, the ball won’t hurt, and the ball will usually drop right in front of you.

With additional protection, the Samurai comes with an extra pad on the leg guard that you can put over your knee. The triple knee design also makes it comfortable to move around with these guards on – they won’t restrict you a whole lot!

The only real downside to this set is that it takes a little bit of getting used to when putting it on and taking it off. It could take a long time to put it on the first few times, but naturally, with experience, this will decrease.

In terms of performance and features, the Mizuno Samurai is our top pick for best youth catchers gear.

If you need a little sweetener, every set also comes with a bonus gear bag.

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All-Star System 7 Youth Catchers Gear Set

In terms of overall protection, the All-Star System 7 is probably the highest quality youth catchers set you’ll find on the market. The only issue is it’s HUGE price. This is really only for the elite players who use their catchers gear a lot, and are willing to invest their money in the best.

It’s important to mention that this youth catchers set is made with the exact same quality and materials as All-Star’s adult System 7 version. The chest protector is arguably the best in this list with a low rebound foam. This is in conjunction with the adjustable shoulder guards and protective plates for your sternum, jaw and collar bone. Ultimate protection is there.

The helmet is made with extremely effective ventilation so sweat doesn’t stick around. This is covered with the highest quality ABS material available. This will ensure both protection and confidence for any youth catcher.

The leg guards, like all good leg guards, won’t hinder your movement. It follows the triple knee design.

If you want to invest, this is your product.

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Final Tips

Like always, there are a large number of factors that should be considered before buying a pricey piece of equipment such as this. In our opinion, the Mizuno Youth Samurai Set is the best youth catchers gear set available on the market. This is taking price, quality, durability and overall protection all into account.

Whilst it may be of a little higher price range, the overall protection it provides should instil confidence in any budding youth catcher.

Further to this, reading our short guide is an excellent way to grab an understanding when finding what you want – the best youth catchers gear on the market at a reasonable price. However, if you are still uncertain about some of the products, then it’s always great to check out Amazon for customer reviews, or by asking colleagues and team mates. Remember that no recommendation is going to be 100% perfectly suited to your needs, but it will give you the best indication before you whip out your credit card.

If you simply disagree with what we have to say, or just want to tell us about a bad experience. Do not hesitate to let us know.

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