Best Indoor Basketball in 2017

Setting ourselves with a more than affordable budget, we search for the best indoor basketball on the market. We created a shortlist of basketballs that will make sure that you make the right choice when finding the top indoor basketball for your needs – regardless of whether you have an indoor basketball court, or just needed something for casual practice every week.

The different brands and models of basketballs that we look at in this review is suited to indoor use. All the basketballs have been highly praised by all forms of basketball players; whether they are amateur or professional.

Doing your research for you, we’ve come up with the best 5 affordable indoor basketballs that are currently on the market. Our ratings are based on basketball quality and price.

Not looking for an indoor basketball? If you’re looking for a versatile indoor and outdoor basketball, our guide to the best indoor/outdoor basketball could help your search. If you just wanted to find the most durable outdoor basketball, we go through the best outdoor basketball for your needs.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 
Wilson Evolution

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick
  • Extremely durable and will last for years when treated with care
  • Made with microfiber composite leather cover in conjunction with Wilson's Cushion Core Technology
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Spalding TF-1000

4 Stars
  • One of the most purchased and popular indoor basketballs of recent years
  • Once broken into, has the best feel of any basketball on the market
  • Has recently be subjected to criticism - claiming quality is not the same as prior years
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Molten GG7

4.5 Stars
  • Europe's premier indoor basketball with a distinct 12 panel design
  • Made with a Composite Leather and Dual Cushion Technology giving it an extremely spongey feel
  • European alternative that requires some time breaking into
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C2C The Rock

4.75 Stars
  • A fantastic alternative to the big brands of basketball
  • Extremely tacky feel, feels like a real leather ball but made with a reinforced composite material
  • The most durable ball on this list, but priced slightly higher than most other balls
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Wilson Solution NCAA

4.75 Stars
  • It's probably a better ball than the Wilson Evolution, just priced much higher
  • Great when it comes to moisture absorption
  • Made with a composite leather along with micro-pebbles to ensure maximum grip but takes time to break in
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So What is the Best Indoor Basketball?

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review – Our Top Pick

Best Indoor Basketball

Some would say this is the best indoor basketball for the best possible price on the market. And we can’t really argue with that. Being the #1 most sold basketball in US high schools, this is a premium indoor basketball that will not break the bank.

Highly recommended as the best basketball by countless players, it has been approved by both the NCAA and NFHS. If we weren’t doing a list with other options, this is the start of our best indoor basketball search, as well as the end.

Almost the perfect ball at the perfect price. The centurion company, Wilson, creates the basketball with their Cushion Core Technology, allowing for a spongey feel to ensure consistent bouncing when dribbling. As well as this, their composite cover providing an excellent grippy surface to maximise shot technique and control.

This is one of the most reviewed and highly praised basketballs on the market. It’s durability is absolutely unquestionable. When treated with respect, the ball can last for years on end whilst maintaining its ability to retain air throughout its life.

Not only is this the first and arguably best indoor basketball on our list, but it’s our most recommended.

Quick Summary

  • Seriously, it’s our pick of the lot.
  • Comes in Youth, Intermediate and Official Size
  • Consistently Amazon’s Top Choice Basketball due to price and quality
  • Should not be used outside – scuffs extremely quickly outdoors
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Spalding TF-1000 Indoor Basketball Review


The second on our list is a classic, and has been a popular choice for indoor ballers for a number of years. Made by the infamous basketball brand, Spalding, this ball is approved by the NFHS, making it an invaluable ball to all training programs.

Once broken into, the Spalding TF-1000 has one of the best feels of any indoor basketball around. This is mainly due to their exclusive ZK composite leather compound that manages and disperses the moisture from your hands to ensure maximum grip at all times. All windings are 100% Nylon allowing the ball to keep shape over the span of its life.

Why isn’t this our most recommended? Recent complaints have been made about the ball which suggests that it has not been made to the same standard it used to be made to.

Although we have had absolutely no issues with the basketball personally, our promise to be 100% honest to our readers means we need to disclose all negative feedback we receive! Regardless, it is still one of our most recommended in this price range.

Quick Summary

  • A classic ball – some people swear by it and won’t use anything else
  • Comes in Intermediate and Official Size
  • Should only be used indoors
  • If warped when received, send back immediately – has been an issue lately
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Molten GG7 Indoor Basketball Review


Now we look to our international options, and there is only one that is widely considered in competitions outside of the US to be the best indoor basketball – made by Molten. Approved by FIBA, and used in popular international basketball leagues such as the the British Basketball League, the unique features of this ball is perfect for experienced players. This is Molten’s premier indoor ball.

Traditionally, most basketballs on the market have an 8-panel design, however, Molten’s GG7 has a distinct 12-panel design.

Alongside its durable composite cover, the panel design allows for more seams within the basketball, leading to greater finger grip and control of the ball.

Another defining feature of the ball is the spongey nature due to the Dual Cushion Technology implemented by Molten. Cushion is provided under both the exterior panels, as well as rubber seams of the ball. This is a fantastic ball for beginners trying to master the control of their ball technique.

Quick Summary

  • A European alternative to the classic US basketballs
  • 12 panel design aids grip and feel
  • Comes in intermediate and offical size
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty!
  • Starts pretty slippery to dribble with, but breaks in extremely fast
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C2C The Rock Indoor Basketball Review


A great alternative to the big branded basketballs, the C2C The Rock is also an indoor basketball, contrary to how it may feel. The Rock has an extremely tacky feel to it, playing like it were a leather ball. If you’ve never heard of this ball, not to worry – the ball is of official size and authenticity, and plays just as well as other big branded balls.

Similar to this, C2C The Rock has a patented sponge rubber carcass, ensuring that the leather feel of the ball does not compromise its softness in the hand. However, this does not substitute for durability, and this ball is particularly good for holding shape, and minimising degradation over time. The only real downside to the ball is the price point, starting at the higher end – but this is arguably made up for the durability it has.

It has been stated by C2C that the ball does not require any breaking in. This is a great pick up for any budding ballers, and should definitely be considered when purchasing a new indoor basketball.

Quick Summary

  • Only comes in an official size
  • Do not use outdoors – people say it’s both an indoor and outdoor ball, but it is absolutely not
  • Ensure you get the pressure right, or it will not bounce properly
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Wilson Solution NCAA Indoor Basketball Review


The final affordable ball on our list in our search for the best indoor basketball. Although it is a slightly pricier ball, it’s still a sub-$100 ball that is well worth it’s price.

Wilson have done it again with their Solution indoor basketball, used as the official ball of the NCAA Championships and NCAA March Madness. Obviously approved by the NCAA, as well as NFHS.

This ball comes with all the benefits of the Wilson Evolution, as mentioned above. To further add to this, the Wilson Solution has thousands of micro-pebbles expertly designed on the ball to ensure maximum grip.

On top of this, a moisture-wicking cover is added to the ball with laid-in channels allowing for sweat to disperse off the ball as quickly as possible; keeping the ball dry.

The only reason this ball does not get a 5 star is that when it comes to affordability, this ball is usually a bit higher than the other 3 mentioned. Otherwise, this would be considered one of the top indoor basketball for amateurs and professionals alike, and a purchase will not be regretted.

Quick Summary

  • Comes in Intermediate and Official size
  • The official NCAA basketball, but also ball of choice for many high schools
  • Moisture absorption helps significantly with grip when practicing for hours on end
  • Feels extremely sticky when first out of the box – takes some time to break in
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Helpful Hints

Okay so you’ve bought your first ever indoor basketball, spent the cash – but you’re not sure how to properly maintain it? Well the following tips will assure you that you can get the most out of your new ball!

Never use it Outdoors!

Okay. Laugh if it seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people ruin their indoor basketballs because they use it outside. Keep it on an indoor surface. Using it on a driveway or road will scuff the ball – causing it to lose it’s cover and feel. Keeping the basketball purely for indoor play will increase it’s life.

Wipe, Wipe!

Okay this is more for the people who treat their new basketball like they would their child. After every use, wipe it down with a cloth to remove sweat and any excess moisture and dirt in the ball. This increases the durability of the cover and, again, ensures the ball will last for years on end.

Don’t Sit on, or Kick, the Ball!

Kicking the ball, or sitting on the ball, are big no-nos. Treating the ball with disrespect might seem stupid, it’s just a basketball after all. But again, sitting on or kicking the ball will warp the shape of it faster than you can imagine. A warped basketball is a bad ball.

Further Research?

Every game needs the right ball to play with. This means that spending some time looking at all the options available is integral to finding the right ball. Don’t be tempted by price alone! Buy cheap and you’ll know you’ve bought a cheap ball. They won’t last as long, nor will they feel as good in the hand.

In saying this, looking for the best basketball is definitely something that takes time and effort. We understand that there is a whole heap of choices out there in the market – and this could provide a challenge! What we have done here is summarise what we think are the 5 best indoor basketballs in which you can consider.

Don’t forget though! Not every basketball suits every player. Check out some of the other reviews out there on the internet – particularly on Amazon. Ask your peers or your coach. Anything can help! But we can assure you, based on countless reviews online, these 5 basketballs are consistently considered the best there is.

None of these considered the best indoor basketball to you?

If we have missed a ball that you consider to be extremely affordable, full value for money, and satisfies all criteria to really be the best indoor basketball on the market, please let us know here. We’re always on the hunt for the best basketball in any forms of the sport!

If you wanted something for the little one, and these balls are all a little bit too big, finding the best toddler basketball hoop could be an alternative indoor basketball option!

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