Best Over the Door Basketball Hoops

If you’re looking for a small indoor basketball hoop to put over your bedroom door – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched far and wide to give you the best recommendations as to what the best over the door basketball hoop is.

Similarly, all these products have a large amount of reviews that you can read should you have any hesitations before buying them.

All these products are mini, where the size of the ball required to play with are between 4″ and 6″. These hoops are all able to be hinged up to doors and walls to ensure maximum fun all around the house. If you don’t know what to get a basketball-crazy fan as a gift – this guide could give you exactly what you need.

Our ratings are based on value for money, and overall quality of the product.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

5 Stars
  • Mountable on doors and walls
  • If hooked onto a door, you can still close the door
  • Can be swished with the 6" ball
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Spalding NBA Slam Jam

4.5 Stars
  • World renown basketball brand - and comes in a maxi size as well!
  • The ball is exactly 1/4 of the official size
  • Can be dunked on, but won't support anyone hanging on the rim
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Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball Hoop

4 Stars
  • Gimmicky and fun - a great alternative indoor basketball hoop
  • Can't be dunked on, and not overly durable
  • Ball feeding system is excellent, but can be removed if need be
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So what is the best indoor basketball hoop?

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Our Top Pick

SKLZ-ProThis has to be the best indoor basketball hoop that we could find on the market. Looks and feels like a genuine outdoor hoop, the rim is made from steel with spring action breakaway to allow the player to slam dunk without worrying that the good will break. This is a great way to have family battles inside the house!

This hoop mounts on both doors and walls, and comes with a 6″ small basketball. What makes this product our top recommendation is the durability it has. Mounting this product on a wall is the best way to enjoy it, and provides a stronger foundation to all the dunking that will ensue.

Ideally, this is a perfect bedroom basketball hoop provided you have the space on your wall – but if there’s no space, it’s one of the best indoor basketball hoops to place somewhere else in the house.

This product is made to last, and if you are unfortunate to receive a dodgy item, it comes with a 90 day warranty! A large amount of reviews has seen that Amazon honours this warranty, and replaces faulty products in a timely manner.

Our Comments

  • Also comes in a micro size if this is too big for your needs. Click here to check out the micro hoop.
  • A tip is to place foam protection on the corner of the backboard to best protect the door/wall it is mounted upon
  • Can be swished – feels and looks authentic
  • Can still close a door with the hoop mounted on it
  • One of the most reviewed, best selling over the door basketball hoop on Amazon
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Spalding NBA Slam Jam Basketball Hoop

Spalding-NBA-Slam-JamAlthough probably not to the same standard and durability as the SKLZ, the Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Hoop is also created with a steel breakaway rim to allow for continual dunking. A great feature is that the rim and ball are exactly 1/4 of the official size, enhancing authenticity and the real feel when playing mini basketball.

One of the factors with this over the door hoop is that it can only be mounted over a door with a pre-assembled bracket and tool to allow for quick and easy assembly.

What makes this product challenge for the best indoor basketball hoop is the fact that it is the only superior product in the marketplace that it is designed to allow all door designs to fully close. Other products have seen issues with unconventional designed-doors. Can be picked up and moved from door to door within seconds!

Our Comments

  • One size fits all – however Spalding have recently released an extra large bedroom basketball hoop as an alternative. Check it out here.
  • Cannot be mounted onto the wall – has a preassembled over the door bracket
  • Can be dunked on, but will not support the weight if you hold onto the rim
  • Mini basketball is a bit hard, but can be replaced with any softer 5″ ball
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Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball Hoop


Now this is something completely different, but perfect for people who wish to play in an office chair. The Franklin Sports Shoot Again Basketball Hoop is created with a mechanism that provides an automatic ball feeding system to ensure that the ball is always returned back to the shooter! Be warned, the ball feeder is spring actioned, so could come back at some speed to the thrower!

Although the backboard is created with a plexi-glass to create an authentic feel for the hoop, the real kicker is the electronic scoring system and commentator announcements that can be turned on (with 4 C batteries).

This is a great gimmick for smaller children who cannot get enough of the sport. Again, it is purely an over the door basketball hoop, hanging on most door designs.

Although not exactly the most authentic mini indoor basketball hoop on the market, the only real downside is the fact that you can’t dunk on this hoop the same way you would the others. Regardless, the gimmicky nature and ball feeding system provides it to be a great addition to any basketball fanatic’s room.

Our Comments

  • The ball feeder can be removed if you wish
  • If you have commentary on, it does get quite loud – but that all makes for the fun atmosphere
  • An amazing gimmicky gift option for people who want an indoor basketball hoop
  • Can be slightly adjusted once hung on the door
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None of these considered the best indoor basketball hoop to you?

If we have missed a small indoor basketball hoop that you consider to be extremely affordable, value for money and a lot of fun, please let us know here! We are always on the search for basketball gift ideas, and these over the door basketball hoops make for great birthday and Christmas presents

If you wanted to check out real sized indoor basketballs, check out our best indoor basketball guide here. We can assure you that you will find something perfect for your needs!

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