Best Pool Basketball Hoop

Love basketball? Love swimming? Well finding the best pool basketball hoop can be the answer to all your summer days in the swimming pool. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but buying a cheap pool basketball hoop can be the icing on top of the cake on a hot summers day!

This will provide hours of fun in the pool, at a relatively cheap price. This can turn any pool area into a tournament area full of competitiveness. A great gift idea for basketball players, and a great gift idea for families that own a pool.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeaturesBuy It
Lifetime 1306

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick
  • Lifetime are experts at creating basketball hoops - and this is no different
  • Extremely sturdy, durable, and can be adjusted to different heights
  • Spray nuts and bolts with a rustoleum to increase durability over the years
  • Can be dunked on!
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Dunnrite PoolSport

4 Stars
  • Fantastic option for in-ground pools, but not exactly versatile
  • Non-adjustable height due to it's polyethylene material
  • Extremely stable and can be weighed down with 117lb of water
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Swimline Giant Shootball

3.5 Stars
  • Completely inflatable so can be used with any pool
  • Extremely cheap option - but not exactly a hoop
  • It's gimmicky nature will only last a few seasons
  • Can be blown up with your own lungs, a pump isn't necessary
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Dunnrite Splash and Shoot

4.75 Stars
  • The mother of pool basketball hoops
  • Only issue is it's price point - if you don't have a budget, then look no further!
  • Extremely durable and everything is made with rust proof metal
  • Nuts and bolts should be sprayed to avoid seized bolts over the seasons
  • Extremely stable - held down with 200lb of water
  • Can be dunked on!
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Poolmaster Pro Rebounder

4 Stars
  • A value for money option that won't break the bank
  • Not as durable or stable as the other options
  • Ball and rim is slightly smaller than regulation size
  • Extremely durable and shockproof backboard for realistic play
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So what are the Best Pool Basketball Hoops?

Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Basketball System

Lifetime not only make some of the best basketball hoops on the market, but they also this seriously good swimming pool basketball hoop. Doesn’t require any tools to adjust, you can simply roll it to where you want, and let play begin.

Although it may be tricky to put together when it first comes out of the box, it doesn’t require assembly every time. It’s overall sturdiness makes this one of the best pool basketball hoop options that you can get. Can be adjusted to the height that suits you.

Comes with Lifetime’s standard 5 year warranty – you can rest assured that there’s some serious quality in this pool basketball hoop.

If you’re worried about rust, lay out everything on the ground before assembly, and spray with some rustoleum. It’ll get rid of any lingering negative feelings or questionable reviews you might have encountered. Our top pick for best pool basketball hoop.


  • 44″ shatterproof backboard – extremely tough and doesn’t shatter when you dunk
  • 27 gallon base – fill it with sand or water for stability
  • Can be adjusted from 4 1/2 ft up to 7 ft
  • All weather resistant – made to last in all elements, and will survive if left outside in the winter months
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Dunnrite PoolSport Pool Basketball Hoop

Another great option for an inground pool basketball hoop is this particular one made by Dunnrite Products. First and foremost, it’s probably not the most ideal option for an above-ground pool due to it’s design and height.

The polyethylene material that it is made from is highly durable and will withstand all forms of weather – but probably isn’t recommended to leave it outdoors when not in use.

This pool side hoop is fixed in height, which does mean it’s slightly limited in its uses, but its extremely easy to set up and start using for any inground pools.

Same case as the Lifetime hoop, if you’re worried about any of your pool basketball hoops rusting – lay everything out and spray it with some rustoleum paint.


  • Made with polyethylene – weighs 117lb when filled water for stability
  • Polyethylene backboard – it’ll take a bit of beating before it breaks!
  • Rim stands 36″ above your inground pool
  • 14″ steel rim coated with an all-weather resistant paint
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Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Hoop for Pool

Want a cheap pool basketball hoop? Don’t want anything heavy, or anything that will rust? Well this is impossible to rust. It floats, it’s light. It’s good if you want something different to the standard pool basketball hoop.

If you’re looking for the best pool basketball hoop with a gimmicky-toy feel, this is what you want. A cheap, fantastic gift idea for basketball fans alike.

Won’t last for decades, but has been noted to last for more than just one or two seasons.


  • 45″ tall, 36″ wide – it’s quite a big hoop!
  • Cheap and light – it’s not your standard pool basketball hoop
  • Has a couple of chambers to blow it up – you don’t need a pump.
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Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Pool Basketball Hoop


Pretty much the mother of all swimming pool basketball hoops. The reason we don’t rate it as the best pool basketball hoop on this list? Price.

It is definitely in the higher prices of pool basketball hoops, which can be a huge deterrent for people. But you pay for quality here. Rest assured that when you purchase this, you’re purchasing the best that Dunnrite have to offer.

It is the highest rated swimming pool basketball hoop on Amazon at the moment – coming from a sample size of over 65 reviews.

Comes with a stainless steel rim, and powder coated aluminium pole. This typically covers any of your rust concerns. However, if you’re worried about rust, we definitely recommend spraying the bolts and rim with rustoleum.


  • 43 Inch x 28.5 Inch Polyurethane Basketball
  • Holds up to 25 gallons of water – weights up to 200lb for stability
  • Full size 18 inch rim
  • Telescopic pole adjusts up to 56″
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Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball Hoop


In terms of value for money for in finding the right basketball hoop for pool, this one definitely meets your goal. It’s not as high a price  as the other options on this list, but it provides what you need. A true value for money option in this list of best pool basketball hoops.

This is extremely durable and sturdy, so don’t be phased by the lower price. Similarly, the ball and size of the rim is also slightly smaller than regulation size.

Same as the other two, if you’re worried about rust – replace the nuts and bolts with stainless steel ones from your local hardware store. Otherwise, just spray paint with rustoleum.


  • 35.25″ in height
  • Can be filled with sand or water for maximum stability
  • 14″ PVC hoop
  • All weather hard body backboard – it’s sure to last through the seasons!
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Final Words

These are what we think are the best swimming pool basketball hoops on the market – mainly due to the sheer number they sell, as well as huge amount of high reviews. Naturally, not every pool basketball hoop will suit everyone’s need. It’s always best to check them out and evaluate accordingly

Don’t forget though. You get what you pay for. Warranty is also a real kicker when it comes to these hoops – try find companies that offer high length of warranties – such as Lifetime (5 years).

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