Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review – Most Durable Outdoor Basketball

This review aims to cover most of the questions that people might have with regards to the Spalding NBA Street Basketball – and most importantly – why we think it’s the most durable outdoor basketball on the market.

Especially when it comes to outdoor play, it’s pretty important that you get a ball that actually lasts. Practice on a concrete surface? Looking for the best streetball basketball on the market?  Look no further than the Spalding NBA Street Basketball.

However, if you only play indoor basketball, it’s best to check out our best indoor basketball guide, as indoor basketballs are no where near as durable as outdoor ones. Similarly, if you want more options, check out our 4 best outdoor basketballs here.

The Review

We looked far and wide to find the best value for money durable basketball there is. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will lose shape within days, and lose grip within minutes.

While we have found better outdoor basketballs out there, the NBA Spalding Street Basketball is what we consider to be the best in the market based on a large variety of factors – namely, quality and affordability.


Spalding NBA Street Basketball


First of all, the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is dirt cheap. I mean like under $20 cheap. So it’s not like you’re breaking the bank to play some streetball. Due to this price point (alongside it’s quality), it has consistently been the best selling basketball on Amazon.

But what really wins it for the ball is the ‘Performance’ rubber cover that is layered over the top of the ball. This ball is made to be played outdoors, withstanding asphalts, rough concretes and other abrasive surfaces. It’s absolutely certain that this basketball challenges to be the most durable outdoor basketball on the market.

Another huge positive is the basketball’s bounce. It has the best bounce for an outdoor basketball on the market – extremely reliable and true, and does not feel heavy when dribbling. A heavy ball when playing outside feels unnatural and bothersome. Keeping it real will translate into your game.

With regards to air retention, it would be ignorant of us to say that it retains air at the same rate as an indoor ball, but prepared to be surprised at how well the Spalding NBA Street Basketball holds air. Keep a pump with you at all times – but don’t be surprised if you go a few sessions without having to pump it up.


  • Easily the most durable outdoor basketball at this price point
  • Great to consistently take to outdoor courts or when practicing on a driveway
  • Best selling outdoor basketball on Amazon – they’re always in stock
  • Want a better ball? Well you’re going to have to pay extra. You won’t get much more quality at this price point
  • Best to always have a small air pump in case
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Got Another Opinion?

Got some feedback on what the most durable outdoor basketball is? Don’t believe that the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is the best value for money? Message us here and we would love to hear your feedback. Alternatively, check out the countless reviews on Amazon and realise why this ball is consistently the best selling outdoor basketball.

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