Best Disc Golf Backpacks

So you’re absolutely loving disc golf, you’ve exhausted your bag and you now need to find the best disc golf backpack to fit the large number of discs you have? Well you’ve come to the right place. This article provides all the best options available for any disc golf player looking at finding a larger, more comfortable backpack to suit their needs.

If you only have a few discs on you, and really don’t want to spend the money on a huge backpack – take a look at some of the best disc golf bags that may suit you. They’re all awesome for beginners, typically under $50, and will only hold a small number of discs.

What things am I looking for in a bag?

The main things that make each and every bag distinctive typically involve:

  • How many discs can it hold
  • Comfort
  • The price and quality
  • If you can use it in wet weather conditions.
  • Does it have a drink holder

These are all taken into consideration in the following list of finding the best disc golf backpack.

Because there are so many discs on the market – we’re going to try and keep our reviews short and sweet – straight to the point so you can make a decision fast.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 


5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick
  • Everything you need in a disc golf backpack
  • Holds up to 30 discs
  • Comes with a waterproof rain protector
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Dynamic Discs Commander

4.5 Stars
  • Lightweight bag with all the basics
  • Holds up to 25 discs
  • Discs kept at the bottom of the bag to keep the bag upright
  • Higher price point
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Upper Park Designs Rebel V3

4.5 Stars
  • The most Elite bag in this list
  • Comfortably holds 25 discs
  • Dust and abrasion resistant.
  • Very high price point
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Dynamic Discs Ranger

4 Stars
  • The most stylish bag
  • Holds up to 20 discs
  • Made to last for years
  • Cross ventilation backing makes it great for hot summer days
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Throwback All Day Pack

4.75 Stars
  • Fully insulated bag makes it optimal to hold food and drinks
  • Holds up to 32 discs (16 on each side of the bag)
  • Extremely cheap price point
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Finding the Best Disc Golf Backpack

FITACTIC Luxury Disc Golf Backpack – Our Overall Top Pick

Recommended in our Introduction to Disc Golf, this backpack is far and away what we consider to be the best option for people looking for the best disc golf backpack.

Why? It’s not crazily overpriced. Definitely reasonable for someone wanting to take the game seriously.

Size – It also has 11 pockets + a special pocket for your electronics and valuable. Holds 25-30 discs
Durability – Extremely durable and tough. Protective rubber pad on the bottom of the bag to ensure maximum durability. Made from tough 600D Nylon – Supports up to 50lb of weight.

Comfort – thickened shoulder pads and backing pad so you know it won’t be a nuisance wearing.

Additional – Comes with a free rain protection cover so your discs will be protected if a sudden downpour starts. Also has 2 drink bottle holders and 4 extra straps to hold umbrellas, towels, stools etc. If you don’t want to pay through the roof, but want to tick all the boxes – this is your bag.

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Dynamic Discs Commander Disc Golf Backpack

This is a serious contender for best disc golf backpack – providing all the essentials you need – with a big focus on storing the most discs it can. Again, awesome bang for your buck – this bag has it all.

Size – Designed to fit at least 21 discs – with a quick grab disc access part at the front of the backpack made with three stretchy pockets.

Durability – Again, this bag is extremely lightweight, but durable – with a water resistant bottom to stop any moisture (or even rain) from seeping into the bag from the ground. Not waterproof though

Comfort – Surprisingly comfortable, but nothing to enhance its comfort

Additional – As all the discs are kept down the bottom, the bag always stays upright! Two bottle holders, and two mobile phone holders (although some modern day mobile phones might be a bit of a tight squeeze). Extra straps for towels, umbrellas, chairs etc.

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Upper Park Designs Rebel V3 Disc Golf Backpack

Okay, we won’t lie here. The main reason this isn’t the best disc golf backpack recommended by us is purely due to it’s price. In saying that – this bag is seriously elite. It has it all. No stone left unturned.

If you’re serious about the sport and aren’t too worried about how much you pay for a bag – then go no further.

Size – Holds 25 Discs (comfortably) with vertical and horizontal storage in the bag. Also comes with lower compartment disc dividers. Also comes with quick grab flap access to your essential discs

Durability – Tough as nails – it has an abrasion resistant and waterproof base. On top of this, it has give wear-resistant rubber feet. Surprisingly lightweight.

Comfort – Extremely comfortable, comes with fitted shoulder straps and a removable sternum strap

Additional –  Comes with two external pockets for literally anything you can stuff in them, two 32oz insulated water bottle pockets (a real winner here, especially on hot days) and a soft protective pocket for your phone or valuables. Also comes with an extra strap to hold umbrellas, chairs etc.

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Dynamic Discs Ranger Disc Golf Backpack

High price, extremely stylish, heaps of colours and styles – that’s what puts this bag in the list of best disc golf backpacks – but maybe not exactly one of those bags that are bang for your buck.

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty – pretty nifty by Dynamic Discs!

Size – Holds 15-20 discs (18 comfortably) in it’s main large disc compartment, and 2 “on-deck” putter pockets for easy access.

Durability – Water resistant bottom material with reinforced feet – makes sure that the bottom doesn’t wear out, and the bag stays off the ground. Made with durable 600D Poly and 400D Nylon fabric – so you can be assured it won’t tear easily

Comfort – Moulded back panel minimises contact points, making it extremely effective to lug around – and especially on hot summers days, allows for cross ventilation. Otherwise, just standard backpack shoulder straps.

Additional – Exterior towel clip, a drink bottle holder, and a collapsible stool holder (which can also be used to hold another water bottle). There are also two accessory pockets to keep your phones and valuables if need be – and a bag tag attachment loop for you if you need to attach your bag tag anywhere! A fantastic stylish option, but not exactly value for money.

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Throwback All Day Backpack With Oversize Cooler

Okay this bag is a little bit different. Yes it holds discs, and yes it has all the essential compartments you need, but what makes this one of the best disc golf backpack is the fact that the inside compartment is all insulated (allowing you to keep water, beer, food, fruit cool inside for your entire disc golf game).

It’s also an extremely cheap option for a disc golf backpack – if capacity isn’t too much of an issue, then this bag is seriously nifty. Their customer service is also unbeatable.

Size – Holds up to 16 discs on each side + front compartment. If you don’t use the cooler inside, there’s potential for more discs to be squeezed in.

Durability – Water resistant tarpaulin on the bottom of the bag with four feet –  easily wipes clean of dirt and mud with a wet rag and keeps the insides dry!

Comfort – Extremely comfortable padded shoulder straps and padded backing. Feels like a good quality backpack

Additional – Top bottle slot (can fit up to a 20oz water bottle for easy access), 3 zippered pockets for phones and valuables, and a slot for a pen. Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot of extra straps for towels, chairs, or even a bag tag. Absolutely needs more grommets.

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Want to Learn More?

There’s always so much to learn about disc golf – especially if you’re a beginner. Browse our site for further information, otherwise, leave us some feedback by contacting us.

This list of best disc golf backpack is purely our opinion based on experience and customer feedback.

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