Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Want to improve your disc golf game? Finding the best portable disc golf basket is an essential investment for anyone wanting to greatly improve on their driving and (in particular) putting skills.

This article gives you all the information possible to choose the best portable disc golf basket, without a budget. The fact that we are looking for a portable basket means that we need to look at particular forms of baskets – namely, hybrid baskets and all-metal baskets.

Although metal baskets are much more durable and are more suited to disc golf basket setups that are left outdoors when compared to hybrid baskets, they may not be the most ideal option depending on circumstance. It is especially important to find the best portable disc golf basket that necessary for what you want.

In saying this, all-metal baskets are the target of choice by most official disc golf courses.

If the baskets in this guide seem a little out of your budget for what they offer, we’ve done the homework for you and have released our guide to cheap disc golf baskets.

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 

DGA Mach Lite

4 Stars
  • Our Top Hybrid Pick
  • Extremely lightweight and highly portable
  • Not as durable as an all metal disc golf basket
  • Not up to tournament standard
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Innova Discatcher Traveler

4 Stars
  • Extremely portable and surprisingly durable for a hybrid option
  • Smaller target than usual
  • Cheapest hybrid option
  • Huge weather proof catching mesh
  • Low amount of catching chains
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DGA M-14

5 Stars
  • Our Top Pick
  • Amazing value for money
  • Durable and extremely lightweight
  • 14 catching chains
  • Standard tournament size
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Titan Practice Basket

4.75 Stars
  • Heavy Duty but slightly heavier than other baskets
  • Can turn into a permanent fixture with ease
  • 18 catching chains
  • Longer assembly time
  • Standard tournament size

Innova Champion DISCatcher Sport

4.5 Stars
  • Extremely heavy duty and durable
  • Slightly heavy disc golf basket - great for semi-portable fixtures
  • On the pricier side of things
  • 18 heavy duty catching chains
  • Standard tournament size and PDGA approved for tournament play
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DGA Mach 2

4.75 Stars
  • The ultimate basket at a high price point (whether portable or permanent)
  • Extremely durable, and quite heavy
  • 20 year manufacturer's warranty
  • PDGA approved for tournament play
  • 18 heavy duty catching chains
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Hybrid Options

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket – Our Top Hybrid Pick

This particular disc golf basket is created by DGA – the founding company of disc golf – setting the standard for the very best disc golf basket. This is an extremely light and portable disc golf basket – and surprisingly durable!

It comes without saying that this portable disc golf basket is not up to tournament standards, suitable for practice, playing casual disc golf at the park, the beach, camping or in the backyard. However, the legs are not adjustable to account for uneven terrain.

Because it is the same size as a standard tournament, all-metal basket, it is a fantastic option for anyone who needs a highly portable, light-weight basket to practice on.


  • Foldable and extremely lightweight
  • 2 rows of chains on the basket
  • Same size and width as tournament baskets
  • The ultimate portable disc golf basket
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Innova Discatcher Traveler Disc Golf Basket

Another hybrid option, this time by Innova, the Discatcher Traveler Disc Golf Basket is a fantastic portable disc golf basket with a huge basket tray made out of a weather proof mesh. Great for beginners and experts alike, it’s a slightly cheaper alternative to the DGA hybrid option.

The differences that make the Traveler Disc Golf Basket stand out is that the net has less chains and covers a smaller area then the nets you will find on the course. Practice on a smaller target just means that bigger targets are so much easy to aim for come game day.

There is no necessity to practice at a park – just get the Traveler, unfold it wherever you are and start practicing.


  • Super light and folds up for extremely high portability
  • 5 legs for an extremely stable base
  • Lightweight mesh disc catcher that can withstand the elements
  • 12 chains
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All-Metal Options

DGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket – Our Top All-Metal Pick

DGA M-14

Again, this basket is made by DGA – so you can expect quality. This is one of the original disc golf baskets, and definitely one of the best value for money. If you’re looking for something that has a decent durability, all-metal, and light enough to be extremely portable? This is our pick.

Works great as a practice basket or as a target for a private disc golf course, the DGA M-14 is extremely portable. In particular, there are no screws at all on the basket. Everything is done through push pins – and the whole thing disassembles for easy transport.

Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any structural defects it may have, but due to its zinc coating, you won’t have to worry about rust concerns.

Weighing in at only 26 pounds, this basket is perfect for use as a portable target. If you wanted something a little more heavy duty for a permanent fixture, this may not be the ideal option for you.


  • The most ideal all-metal portable disc golf basket
  • Silver zinc plated steel rod construction – you don’t need to worry about rust
  • 14 catching chains – dual layered
  • Standard size
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Titan Disc Golf Basket

Titan Disc Golf

Ranges anywhere between the $100-$200 mark, the Titan Disc Golf Basket is frequently one of Amazon’s best selling disc golf baskets. Meets the standard height for disc golf baskets – works perfectly for a private disc golf course or for practice.

The chains on it are extra thick and heavy so you know it’ll catch and hold your disc. It also ensures durability and longevity of the chains. Definitely the more heavy duty option compared to other Titan branded disc golf baskets (including the Titan Double Chain option).

The base on basket can also be taken apart – making the apparatus portable and easy to transport. The overall weight is about 46lb – making it extremely lightweight for its durability. An extremely affordable option for a durable portable disc golf basket.

In order to permanently secure the chains, it’s an idea to close the S hooks with some pliers. This ensures the chains don’t slip out during gameplay or practice.


  • One of the cheaper options on this list
  • Has 9 long chains that loop over – making it an 18 chain disc golf basket
  • Height of 56.5″ and a basket width of 27″
  • Assembly is extremely quick and easy – takes no longer than 15 minutes
  • Made with a galvanised steel so rust isn’t an issue
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Innova DISCatcher Sport Disc Golf Basket

Innova Disccatcher Sport

This is Innova’s flagship practice disc golf basket – their entry into our best disc golf basket list. Innova are a well known brand in the sport, and with this basket, you can be assured that they meet their own high standards.

This particular disc golf basket is made with medium-heavy duty materials, so whilst it works great as a portable disc golf basket, it can also be used as a semi-permanent fixture to brave the seasons. However, Innova recommend that the basket not be used as a permanent fixture.

In terms of assembly, there’s 3 screws that are required to be done up during assembly or disassembly. Watch out and make sure you do not strip or cross thread these screws!

A fairly heavy, but extremely durable disc golf basket, it’s a great semi-portable option when finding the best disc golf basket for your needs.


  • Full sized and height – weighing in at just over 40 lb
  • 18 heavy duty galvanised chains
  • PDGA Approved for tournaments
  • Extremely sturdy and solid base
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DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket


This DGA Disc Golf Basket is very similar to the M-14 disc golf basket that we mentioned earlier in this article. But why is this particular one on our list of best disc golf baskets? Well mainly because of increased durability. Higher durability typically means lower portability.

This particular basket is by far the most durable on this list. It’s excellent in the weather, made from high quality material which allows it to be used for casual or tournament play. Most importantly, it can be used as a permanent fixture!

This disc golf basket it does come standard with a base. It also can be disassembled for portability and transport. Seriously one of the most versatile and best disc golf baskets around.


  • 18 chained basket – perfect to hold the discs in
  • Heavy duty – made from galvanised steel to withstand all forms of weather
  • Standard height and size
  • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • PDGA approved for tournament and casual play
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Final Words

Disc golf, while extremely fun, can become extremely expensive. This is why it’s so important to know what sort of things you need before you go out and blindly buy everything.

This guide is here to give you our impressions on what the best portable disc golf basket out on the market is. Not all baskets will suit everyone’s needs, but we aim to cater for everyone whilst keeping a sense of value for money.

Still want to learn more about the glorious sport of disc golf? Check out our full introduction to disc golf  – we’re sure you’ll be able to learn something from us!

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