Cheap Disc Golf Bags under $50

We completely understand that finding the best cheap disc golf bags can be a little bit daunting at first – there’s a lot of options – and a whole lot of different price ranges. For anyone getting started in the sport, it can seem like buying a $200 backpack is a bit steep.

No one wants to buy an expensive bag and realise they don’t really find the sport that entertaining at all. In saying that, if you plan on carrying a large number of discs and really taking disc golf to the next level, you’ll want to find the best disc golf backpack.

For this guide, we look to inexpensive bags that are best suited to players starting out in the game – or anyone who doesn’t want to pay a fortune for a bag.

These entry level bags are obviously not as good as the high-end bags and backpacks, but you’ll be extremely surprised at their quality and functionality.

If you need a disc to start off practicing with, check out our guide to best disc golf discs for beginners – you may also be looking for a cheap disc golf basket too!

Comparison Table

ImageProductOur RatingFeatures 

Innova Champion Starter Bag

4 Stars
  • Top beginner disc golf bag
  • Extremely cheap, highly durable and lightweight
  • Holds 6-8 discs
  • Has all the essential basics of a disc golf bag, but will need to upgrade when purchasing more discs
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Innova Champion Standard Bag

5 Stars
  • Next step up - will suit beginners and intermediate players
  • Highly durable with a water resistant material
  • Easily holds up to 10 discs
  • Great value for money and is sure to last for years on end
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Discraft Weekender Bag

3.75 Stars
  • Extremely basic, but super cheap disc golf bag
  • Holds up to 8 discs
  • Small water bottle pouch
  • Putter pouch on side of the bag
  • Great option if you're on a strict budget
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NutSac Bag

4.5 Stars
  • Higher priced, but extremely stylish and won't get in the way when throwing the disc
  • Extremely durable and will last for years on end (lifetime guarantee)
  • Made and owned in the USA
  • Basic bag will only hold 6-8 discs
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Fade Crunch Box Bag

4.75 Stars
  • Larger, more durable bag on the more expensive side of things
  • Will last as you improve through the sport
  • Holds 12 discs and has 2 putter pockets
  • Extra zippered part to store all your valuables
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So what are some cheap disc golf bags?

Innova Champion Starter Disc Golf Bag

Innova beginner disc bag

The first bag on our list is the extremely basic, lightweight Innova beginner disc golf bag. Practically, it’s made for beginners, but made to last.

It’s priced at an extremely cheap point, which means that it won’t break the bank for any budding new disc golfers.

Designed in a standard disc golf, over the shoulder bag – there’s not much that can go wrong with this bag. Extremely lightweight and durable, it’s irrelevant whether you’re a youth or intermediate player. It’s a plain and simple bag that offers the basics required for a disc golf bag.

If you’re an avid disc golf player, then you may need something a bit sturdier. But for beginners, this is probably one of the best disc golf bag at such a low price point.

Quick Summary

  • Holds 6-8 standard sized discs, up to 12 if the discs are thinner
  • Holds a water bottle, or soda sized can on the netting on the outside of the bag
  • Zipper pocket to store valuables in
  • Standard putter pouch on the outside for quick and easy access
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Innova Champions Standard Disc Golf Bag

Innova champion

The Innova Champions Standard Disc Golf Bag is the next step up from their starter bag. Made with a more durable material (and also water resistant!), this bag is definitely more suited to avid disc golf players.

As expected, with greater quality material comes a greater price. But Innova aren’t really known to ripping people off. Our top pick for value and providing all the necessities in making it one of the best cheap disc golf bags.

Not only will this last you for years, but it won’t need to be upgraded to a backpack unless you’re really serious about the sport. A fantastic option for the beginner-intermediate level.

Again, Innova have created this bag with an over the shoulder padded strap. This particular bag also has two outside compartments, a water bottle holder and a Velcro strap to hold closed the inner compartments.

Quick Summary

  • Easily holds 10 standard discs, can hold up to 12 depending on disc sizes.
  • Can hold up to a 32oz sized water bottle on the side
  • Towel holder on the bag for when you need to dry your discs before putting them away
  • Standard quick and easy outside putter pouch
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Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Discraft beginner

Back to the simple, standard bags that don’t cost a fortune – the Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag is an inexpensive option for any beginner disc golf player. It’s created with an extremely durable Nylon to last many outings – a high quality product, but not exactly suited to more experienced disc golf players.

Okay so it’s not exactly the biggest bag – but it’s one of the best cheap disc golf bags that has all the essentials a beginner needs in a bag – which is why it’s on the list!

Designed with an adjustable over the shoulder strap, there’s no padding for comfort on this particular model. Also has a small zipper pouch for any small valuables (such as keys) to be kept in. Entry level, but definitely worth a mention when finding some of the best disc golf bags for a beginner.

Quick Summary

  • Comfortably holds up to 8 discs, 9 discs is a tight fit
  • Side pocket for your putter
  • Small water bottle pouch – won’t fit anything bigger than 16oz
  • Dirt cheap, you can’t go wrong, but definitely not for the avid player
  • Small zipper pouch is quite small – won’t fit much more than just your keys
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NutSac Disc Golf Bag


Now this is a completely different style to every other bag on this list. Not does it rank highly when looking for the best disc golf bag, but it’s probably the most stylish. Created, owned and made in the USA – it’s American Made Cannonball Canvas.

The whole thing also snaps shut with two snap button enclosures – securing all your disks or any valuables you might carry with you. Extremely lightweight with a long strap that the bag hovers around your waist, the bag isn’t inconvenient even when throwing a disc.

It’s not the cheapest bag on the list as well, but it’s still priced under $50 – and wildly popular due to it’s Made in the USA status.

Designed to carry only the bare minimum amount of discs – so don’t expect to bring your whole inventory to the next game. Doesn’t have anything to hold water bottles or clip any towels to.

Quick Summary

  • Comfortably holds 5-6 discs – you will have to plan what discs to bring
  • Designed for heavy duty outdoor play
  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Basic bag – holds your discs and valuables – but meets all your essential requirements… in style!
  • NutSac 2 – has an extra wide pouch designed to carry 2 more discs
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Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag

Fade disc golf bag

The biggest bag on this list, if you’re a beginner player but want to get something a bit better than just an entry level bag, this could be the best disc golf bag for you. A little bit pricier, but you get what you pay for here.

It’s still cheap enough to be considered an option for cheap disc golf bags, but this bag will last for a longer while before having to upgrade to a backpack.

Surprisingly, it’s super light for a bag of this size (20 oz), and made with an extremely durable canvas material. The real kicker is that it’s also water resistant – designed to withstand all the elements.

Comes with all the necessities that you require, such as that all the other bags on this list have (minus the NutSac’s design). Simply the best disc golf bag under $50 out there – making it a great option for a cheap disc golf bag to last as you improve in the sport.

Quick Summary

  • Water resistant, and made with a 600-D polyester canvas material
  • Holds anywhere up to 10-12 discs depending on disc thickness
  • 2 Putter pockets
  • Water bottle holder (can hold up to 1L bottles)
  • Towel holder – wipe down your wet discs… or sweat!
  • 2 zippered pockets, usually one for your discs, and another one for all your valuables
  • Over the shoulder adjustable padded strap
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Have we missed a cheap disc golf bag?

These are what we consider to be the options for finding the cheap disc golf bags under $50 out on the market. Typically, at these low price points, the bags are more suited to beginner-intermediate level players.

If you are still unsure, or disagree with our opinion, check out their respective Amazon pages to read more reviews and testimonials. If for any reason you’d like to contact us, let us know through our Contact page.

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