Cheap Disc Golf Baskets : A Buyer’s Guide

A wildly popular and potentially expensive sport, finding a cheap disc golf basket is on the shopping list for most people wanting to practice on their own disc golf target.

Disc Golf, also known as frisbee golf, has recently become an absolutely insanely popular sport in recent years – now played in up to 40 countries. If you have no idea what it is, then you definitely have to check this out. Better yet, check out our disc golf introduction.

In this guide, we break down the best options for finding a cheap disc golf basket. Finding something that’s cheap, durable and of excellent quality can be tricky.

We aim to keep the budget to around $100. We know that it might seem like a lot for people who were expecting to spend maybe $20-$50 on a basket – but we can assure you, there is nothing at that price range worth buying.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just bought a beginner disc golf disc, or a pro who just needs more putting practice – we’re going to find you the best cheap disc golf baskets.

What options are there for a cheap disc golf basket?

Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Basket

PacificThe first option on our list sets us back about $100, made with high quality material to ensure that you get your bang for your buck. It meets the standard height for disc golf baskets, but is not PDGA approved.

A little kicker is that this particular basket can be adjusted to different heights. It’s the perfect budget disc golf basket to use on customer disc golf courses, and for practice – at all skill levels

The basket itself is made from galvanized and powder coated steel – it can be kept outside, 24/7 without having to worry about rust. Will last years on end.

The main downside is that it only has one set of chains – but if you pop down to the hardware store, you can just simply add a second layer!

If you have a tonne of money to spend on a basket, this isn’t the one for you. There are much higher quality baskets out there. But if you only wanted to spend around $100 on a high quality, durable and cheap disc golf basket – you seriously cannot go past this.

Standout Features

  • Absolutely worth every penny – it doesn’t cost the bank and does exactly what you need it to
  • Fantastic for home use
  • Three-quick release pins so you can fold it up for easy storage
  • Comes with 3 complimentary discs – mid-range, driver and putter
  • For its size and weight, it’s sturdier than you think – you could buy some U bolts to hold it down at your local hardware store if you’re concerned
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Titan Disc Golf Basket

TitanThe Titan Disc Golf Basket hasn’t been around as long as the Pacific Outdoor Disc Golf Basket, but that does not mean it lacks in quality. Again, the price hovers around the $100 mark – rarely going over. Cheap and brilliant quality – a hidden gem.

Both the base and the basket are made from galvanized steel, and the chains are stainless steel. This is designed to ensure that the metal will not rust, made to last for years on end. In particular, it’s designed to be kept outside during any season of the year, both for permanent holes or as a portable target moved around for practice.

Quick to set up, extremely cheap, quality that will last you years, the new comer to the block as made a serious statement for being the best cheap disc golf basket.


  • Made with double chain (14 chains in total) to make sure your frisbee doesn’t pop out
  • Standard height disc golf basket
  • 31 pounds – heavy enough to stay down, but light enough to move around. Again, purchase U bolts if you want to stake it to the ground.
  • Set up takes 15 minutes straight out of the box
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Final Words

With these disc golf baskets, they’re definitely the best on the market in terms of quality and price range. If you want higher quality, a stronger structure and a larger amount of chains – expect to pay more.

The options here will last you years. If you’re on a budget, or just want something to practice with, these are the perfect options for a cheap disc golf basket.

Find more information about the glorious sport of frisbee golf in our introduction to the game

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