Nike Ordem Ciento Review – 2016 Copa America Ball


Copa America will celebrate CONMEBOL’s 100th anniversary this year, with the 2016 Copa America Centenario being held in the United States. In a response to the momentous occasion, Nike have been instructed to design a 2016 Copa America ball to meet the high standard required by footballers all around the world. We review the ‘Ordem Ciento’ and ask ourselves whether it really is worth the enormous price tag it has.

Based on Nike’s Ordem III design, used as the English Premier League’s and Spanish La Liga’s official ball, Nike have decided to use the same panel design and grooving as a means to ensure a true flight of the ball. They have also kept the same micro-textured cover of the ball.

Similar to all official match balls for major tournaments, if you were going to use this ball on tough abrasive surfaces such as against a wall, or on concrete, there is a high chance that the ball will lose shape quickly, as well as any texture designed to help the ball in flight.


However, if treated with respect, and used only on grassy surfaces for training or games, the ball will retain air for a long amount of time, and you will notice the supreme difference between this official match ball, and a $10 ball bought at a local shop. The 2016 Copa America ball is made to Official FIFA Standards.

On the other hand, the visual aspects of the ball are purely for aesthetics, and in no way help nor deter a player when receiving a ball. The design on the ball is quite contemporary, with a bold and vibrant paintbrush strokes surrounding the 2016 Copa America official logo. This is definitely an extremely elegant ball perfect for such a large scale competition. Naturally, the cost of it is a bit of a downside, and a true luxury for any budding soccer player.

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If this is definitely out of your price range but you still want your piece of history, then Nike have a replica ball for you. Not made up to the same standard as the official match ball, Nike’s standards ensure that it is still a fantastic ball to play with. Well worth the money.

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