adidas Beau Jeu Ball Review – Euro 2016


In the lead up to the UEFA’s 2016 European Championship, held in France between 10th June and 10th July, adidas have released the ‘Beau Jeu’ to be used as the official ball of the tournament. Translated to mean ‘The Beautiful Game,’ we examine the Euro 2016 ball closely and ask whether it’s worth spending the money to use it playing the beautiful game.

The first striking characteristic of the Euro 2016 ball is how similar is looks to the 2014 World Cup ball; the ‘Brazuca.’ This is due to adidas electing to keep the same panel design as the ‘Brazuca.’ This ensures that the same characteristics that made the ‘Brazuca’ so popular is maintained.

This includes being a light weight ball for true flight, accuracy and a firm bladder to ensure consistency in touch. This is enhanced by the ball’s surface, being a rougher texture common to adidas’s top tiered soccer balls. It must also be said that the ball hold shape and air majestically when played on grass surfaces. If the ball is used on concrete or asphalt, it does degrade a lot faster than the cheaper soccer balls out there. If you like a ball to last in rougher abrasive conditions, then you may be wasting your money on this ball.

Visually, however, the ‘Beau Jeu’ is designed in a subtle and simplistic way, having 2-0-1-6 written over the top of the ball, surrounding the adidas and Euro 2016 logo. A stunning design for the Euro 2016 ball. It can definitely be said that the visual designs on the ball do not play a distracting role for either the short-passing, nor long-passing game. The ball spins majestically in the air.

We definitely think this ball is a great addition to an avid soccer fan’s collection. Both a fantastic collector’s item, as well as match ball for any soccer game whether it be amateur or professional.


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If you think that the official match ball is too expensive, or you just want a cheaper version with the same panel and visual designs, adidas have also released a replica ball at almost 1/3 of the price. A great ball to thrash around and train with!


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