Best Portable Soccer Goals and Nets

This guide will take you through all the different sizes and options on hand to make sure you can decide on the best soccer goals and best portable soccer goals for your needs. That’s right, no more bags, jumpers and cones as goalposts – get the real deal here. Whether you’re a coach or a parent, finding the most appropriate portable goal is so important in shooting practice.

This guide provides what we believe are the best options for a range of different size goals.

In this guide, we break down the –

  • Quality of the goal
  • Ease of portability
  • Storage
  • Different sizes and what they can be used for
  • and finally… Affordability – no one wants to pay for trash!

Best Portable Soccer Goals

SKLZ Quickster


The SKLZ Quickster Soccer net is an extremely lightweight, easy to carry goal that can be folded to fit into a small bag – it ticks all the portability boxes. Particularly, it’s an extremely durable soccer goal that withstands even the toughest of shots. Both children and adults alike have used this goal, and made special mentions of its durability – You do not need to worry about the posts snapping!

In saying that, the posts are made from a white nylon ‘frame’ that will not rebound a ball if kicked into it.

The 2 ply net is fantastic, and set up is a breeze. pin both sides to the top of the posts, tie the Velcro, lift the posts and you’re good to go. It literally takes two minutes to set this up. Taking it down? It’s just as easy. You can literally set up 10 of these goals within no time – and because they’re extremely light, it’s not a bother to set up multiple at a time.

Typically, this rates as one of the best portable soccer nets for durability and storage – however we would not recommend use in competitive matches and tournaments. It’s made for practice.


All goals come with U-shaped steel ground stakes to keep it from moving when a shot goes in during training or a practice game.

Sizes? Another great thing about the SKLZ Quickster Soccer goal that makes it one of the best portable soccer goals on the market is the fact that it comes in a variety of sizes. This includes 8 x 5 foot, 6 x 4 foot and 12 x 6 foot goals. Although they’re all smaller than full-sized goals, we can assure you that if you’re using them for training, smaller targets make for better shooting.

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PowerNet Goal


The next two goals on our list are a bit more on the pricier side of things, but in saying that, they still make a strong claim to being the best portable soccer goals in the market. In particular, the PowerNet Soccer goal is one of the best soccer goal nets in this list.

PowerNet is a highly respected company that have made a name for themselves in the baseball-ing world for the top quality baseball training nets they provide. What other sport needs a net? Yep, they’ve ventured into the soccer world and have released their extremely portable, lightweight soccer goal that is sure to impress.

Again, this particular net is best used for training and practice, as opposed to tournament and competition games – the net is in a bow net style. The posts are made from an extremely durable metal and fibreglass material that bodes well in both indoor and outdoor fields.


Set up is as easy as the SKLZ – it literally takes 5 minutes, and can be packed away in half the time. Extremely lightweight, and extremely portable – folds into a small carry bag. And like every other soccer net on this list, it comes with ground stakes to ensure it doesn’t topple over after every powerful shot.

Comes in two sizes, 12 x 6 foot and 6 x 4 foot. Both goals look and feel the exact same, but for sizing. And regardless of sizing, they both can take an extremely powerful hit. A fantastic option in the search for the best portable soccer goal coming from a highly reputable sports brand.

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Best Permanent Backyard Goal

Franklin Sports Competition Goal


Now this is a goal that looks truely majestic when built up properly. The goal frame is made with heavy-duty galvanised steel so you can be assured it’s durable for adults and children – it’s made to last. Similarly, this goal is designed for practice, competition and tournament play. Regardless of its material, the goal is extremely lightweight if it needs to be moved around.

As you can see however, this goal is not designed to be easily assembled and moved around. Assembly takes about half an hour – line up all the pins in the poles and it will interlock with each other. Velcro up the net and away you go! Although it seems like assembly is too long for a kick about – the soccer goal is designed for competition use – chances are you’ll be using the goal for an extended period of time anyway.

Want it as a permanent fixture in your backyard? This is 100% our recommendation for best backyard soccer goal. You wouldn’t need to worry about assembly and disassembly every day – and again, it’s material is made to last! A tip would be to use cable ties to hold the goals if you want to have it as a permanent fixture.


All of Franklin’s goals come with 6 galvanised ground stakes so you can be assured that the goals wont be falling over from the power of your shots.

Sizes? Comes in both a 12 x 6 foot and 6 x 4 foot goal. Although we definitely recommend the 12 x 6 foot goal if you’re using it for tournament and competition matches. Although it’s not full official size, it still provides a great amount of net to shoot at.

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Best Full Size Soccer Goal

GOLME Pro Training Goal


When it comes to finding the best full size goal (24 x 8 foot) that exceeds in standards of portability and ease of assembly – the GOLME Pro Training Soccer goal is our most recommended.

First of all, it’s not extraordinarily priced – you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for full-sized training goals. The GOLME will only cost you a fraction of that.

The most surprising thing about this full size goal is the fact that it literally takes 5 minutes to set it up and take it down. GOLME were so confident in their innovation that they’ve patented this assembly design. You won’t lose parts, nor will you get things tangled – it’s really that easy. And in terms of portability, it folds into a small carry bag which means you can really take it to any field or event to pop up a true full-sized goal.

In terms of weight, the goal is made from an extremely lightweight aluminium – weighing only 30 pounds. goalme-goal

If you properly stake the support ropes into the ground behind and on the sides of the goal, the goal withstands even the toughest of shots. It is an extremely stable goal for its weight.

Also comes in a beach soccer size (that is, a smaller 7.2 x 18 foot goal). 7.2 feet high still means that the goalie has to jump, and 18 feet wide means the goalie has to jump. However, this is only an option where space might become an issue – or if you have children where full-sized goals might be a bit too big to train with.

If a smaller goal just isn’t good enough in your backyard, and you want a full-sized goal – this is our pick for best backyard soccer goal at this size.

A perfect option for team practice, or personal training.

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Best Pop Up Soccer Goals

GOLME Pro Pop Up

Golme-pop-up-goalsGOLME are back on the list – and this pair of goals are some of the highest rated pop up soccer goals on Amazon. And for good reason. You can be assured that because they’re pop up goals, assembly literally takes seconds. Similarly, the goals can twist flat for extremely easy storage and transport. Simply the best portable soccer goals there are if you wanted small targets.

Every budding soccer player, or soccer team, should have pop up goals in their inventory – giving players a smaller target to practice low and hard shots, or providing a set of goals for and instant game.

GOLME makes a strong claim as best portable soccer goal due to their new ‘indestructible’ X-Strong frame – rest easy, this goal will last you years. Similarly, the net on it is reflective. Although purely for aesthetic reasons, it makes for an easy target to hit, every time.

If you want to secure the goals to the ground, all goals come with 3 large spikes that can be hammered into the ground to ensure that the goals don’t go flying every time a ball hits it.

Comes in three different sizes, 2.5 foot, 4 foot and 6 foot – and all packages come with two goals and a bag.

Superb commitment to customer service from GOLME, and with a 1 year warranty, if you want the best pop up soccer goal, look no further than these.

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Again, in terms of design and style, all pop up goals are pretty much the same. However if you’re after a reputable brand that have been consistently making the best pop up soccer goals for years, then the PUGG Soccer goals might be what you’re after.

Is it portable? Absolutely, they fold flat to a 1 inch thick size and fit into a small bag. Pop up goals always make for the best portable soccer goals you can get. Similar to the GOLME, it literally takes seconds to set up, and seconds to put away. Is it durable? Again, absolutely. It’s made from a durable steel frame that withstands all the folding that it undergoes. Will last for years on end.

You can order them in either a pair, or a single goal – but if you want an instant soccer game that you can bring to family or friend outings, then it doesn’t hurt the bank too much to buy an extra goal.

For extra stability, each goal comes with 3 Stakes to hold the goal to the ground – and if you for any chance lose these stakes, you can buy replacement stakes.

PUGG also make a 4 foot pop up goal too, but unless you’re looking for target practice, or playing with children under the age of 10, the 6 foot pop up goals are the best option.

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Our Final Thoughts

If you’re genuinely looking for the best portable soccer goals for your needs, the main consideration you need to make is what size you’re after. All the aforementioned goals are the industry leaders and most reviewed products on the market. You can be assured of quality.

If you have had bad experiences, let us know by dropping us a message. If you wanted to know more about each product, check them out on Amazon. There are literally hundreds of reviews you could read if you had any doubts about making a purchase.

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